Acta Mechatronica
A c t a    M e ch a t r o n i c a
International Scientific Journal about Mechatronics
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Acta Mechatronica

Aim and Scope

The journal Acta Mechatronica (AM) aims to provide an academic platform in mechatronics, applied mechanics, robotics, experimental mechanics, education, science and research, which are available to the general public and those interested in mechatronics including students, academics as well as industry experts. The papers offer imaginative and creative solutions to mechatronics problems. Furthermore, the journal aims to promote and provide young scientists and educators with the opportunity to publish original research to create future professionals in this field and act as the driving force of the economy and society.

The output and establishment of the journal is a direct consequence of the requirements of the European market for a specialized non-business journal. Acta Mechatronica (AM) - International Scientific Journal about Mechatronics is one of the few non-trade journals focused on mechatronics, not only in Central Europe. The editors intend to attract experts in the field and anyone wishing to expand their knowledge of mechatronics, research, education, and pedagogy in this area.

The journal focuses mainly on original, interesting, new and quality, theoretical, practical and application-oriented contributions to the scientific fields and research as well as to pedagogy and training in mechatronics.

The Acta Mechatronica focuses mainly on those industries that impact mechatronics or are part of mechatronics (and not just about them):

Advanced Manufacturing Equipment
Application and Practical Research
Applied Mechanics
Autonomous Systems
Biomedical Mechatronics Systems
CAD/CAM Systems in Mechatronics
Control Systems in Mechatronics
Control Systems in Robotics
Design of Mechatronics Systems
Design of Robotics Systems
Education and Pedagogy
Electronic Control Systems
Electronic Engineering
Experimental Mechanics
Intelligent Machines
Intelligent Systems
Learning Systems
Mechanical Engineering
Mechatronics and Robotics in Automotive
Mechatronics Skills and Tools
Methodology and Theory in Mechatronics
Modelling and simulation in Mechatronics
Modelling and simulation in Robotics
Research and Technology Development
Robotics Systems
Thinking Systems
Work and Case Studies
ISSN 2453-7306
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